The only programming that seems to be able to diagnose our civilizations social degradation has been cartoons. From the Simpson’s to South Park to Squidbillies (what? you don’t fux with Squidbillies?!?) It seems like the only people courageous enough to address our social ills are animators.

The Hip-Hop generation is lucky that one of our own from the Public Enemy era has risen up to develop programming with the voice of that era still intact. My favorite artist from that era went from being a ‘Burn Hollywood, Burn’ radical into the ‘Are We There Yet’ franchisee without batting an eyebrow.

Aaron MacGruder has stood his ground and remained true to his vision for the Boondocks programme. Eggs have been broken for his omelette. Friendships have been forsaken and I can imagine he has received a number of death threats, if at least one from BET’s Debra Lee. I’m thankful that MacGruder is still standing.

There were serious questions about whether or not the Boondocks would return for this season. I mean, now that there is a president in the White House that is visibly not as white as all of the previous presidents hadn’t Black people won something? Couldn’t they just be quiet now. Twenty years ago no one in Hip-Hop would accept simply going out quietly, fading to black.

There are no heroes left in Hip-Hop today, but at least we have Huey Freeman fighting for our soul and consciousness.

  • khal

    i said FUCK america
    FUCK america's mother
    FUCK america's daddy

  • Dallas

    I think that Rev. Wright DID say that shit too. LOLOLOL


    The Boondocks continue to be one of my favorite shows, and with the 1st episode of the new season it looks to stay that way. The topic of this episode was very important to address, and animation was the perfect vehicle. The Obama “movement/marketing plan” was as good as Apples marketing for pushing iPods and other repackaged products. The perception that everything would change for the better just because we have a black president in office was common at election time, but it's the same regime but a different face.

    On a lighter note…. that Dick Riding Obama song is catchy….No? I have been singing it since I saw the episode ….SMH

  • khal

    my favorite part of the episode. they're definitely back, i just hope they keep taking it there.


    “This is uncle ruckus the biggest uncle tom in histroy” mwhahahahahaha i am glad this joint back