Every few years XXL magazine publishes a list of the 10 hottest rappers that people who read magazines may not have heard of. The internets knows who these rappers are because the internets is a voracious, insatiable music-stealing animal. XXL magazine has taken to dubbing this list the ‘Freshmen 10’ and every time they release the issue featuring these young artists they ignite a firestorm of comments over the music-stealing internets. This is the nature of lists, the internets, and rap music. No one is ever 100% satisfied and everyone takes these lists as personal affronts to their taste in music (What?! No Das Racist?!? I’ll show you XXL. I’m going to DL the Wu-Massacre)

XXL must have mistaken the comments and tweets for actual interest in their lists so in turn they organized a show based around their current Freshmen 10. The problem was that no one actually cared. Or better yet, no one cared enough to miss the telecast of America’s Next Top Model. How could you blame them? Other than Wiz Khalifa, Nipsey Hu$$le, or maybe even Pill, how many of these freshmen will be going to summer school? I still fux with Freddie Gibbs even if some people think he is grossly over-rated. Donnis is cool as hell too, but I couldn’t tell him from Jay Rock or Big Sean.

In order for XXL to make their concert relevant to real world rap fans (sorry internets, I mean people that still buy bootleg CD’s) they had to bring in a dean for these freshmen. Or better yet, a super senior of swag. You can take my word for it or not, but 2003 Cam’Ron birthed the style for some of these rappers. His devil may care attitude and his pink wardrobe made him an icon. His insane and mostly inane punchlines made him legendary. 2003 Cam’Ron was consistently hitting them out of the park like that summer Sosa and McGwire were all hopped up on HGH. Plus, here’s the real kicker for why XXL brought in the rap Van Wilder for all of these freshmen…

There is no rapper from the NYC area in the XXL 2010 freshmen. How the hell can this be? All the kids here in New York do IS rap. Panama, Donny Goines, ESSO, Emilio Rojas, Consequence?!? It’s kind of a stretch to say Skyzoo or even my dude Torae since these dudes actually have ALBUMS under their belt, but still and all, the idea that the birthplace of rap isn’t producing any talent worth our collective ears is a major fail on the part of the XXL magazine braintrust. They’ve almost become as inept in dealing with rap as the people at MTV who produce the annual lists of arbitrary garbage like the top 5 hottest rapper’s hairstyles. If that was you please kill yourself.

So Cam’Ron comes on board to bolster this show’s lineup and return some credibility to XXL magazine who obviously is still desperately missing Elliott Wilson. Cam’Ron makes the show worth your time as of now and maybe freshman Big Sean will surprise us and bring out the college dropout KanYe West? Then again cancel that idea since Mr.West already had his graduation.

Good moranin’.

  • Combat Jack


  • Youngmoreno

    DP always raises a great point with such witt and humor


    like i always say with cam you either love him or hate him. cam is the only rapper who can still do skits you wanna listen to. cam is a fucking comedian i would like to see him do standup. or just watch killa season hahahahaha

  • fosterakahunter

    I still don' care about the freshmen 2010 list; I'll just go listen to Cam's mostly excellent Boss Of All Bosses mixtape. Good point that he's the father of most of these rapper's style.

  • incilin

    “but still and all, the idea that the birthplace of rap isn’t producing any talent worth our collective ears is a major fail on the part of the XXL magazine braintrust.”

    So what your saying is, New York doesn't produce rappers that are worth a shit any more and that's XXL's fault? I don't blame XXL for not putting those people on the list, none of them have a real buzz or enough fans to warrant that kind of acclaim. It's not XXL's fault New York rap sucks. Its New York's rappers fault for being wack.