For the last several years Hip-Hop, ne rap music, has been more focused on what the personalities have done off the record(literally and figuratively). Rap music is a soap opera much like the daytime dramas on primetime television. The players get swapped in and out but the constant storyline of who is having sex with whom, who said what subliminal insult about whom, and who is jerking whom for their publishing gets repeated ad nauseam.

The latest and greatest television series focuses on the Young Money collective who in the last year have dominated the rap culture information cycle without releasing a single album. Lil’ Wayne has gone into a temporary custody program, Drake and Nicky Minaj and budding superstars, while the rest of the Young Money roster is having sex with a woman called Kat Stacks. I just listened to Angela Yee’s radio interview with her and I can’t imagine what she does to these rappers that they all grant her access?

Kat Stacks has given her derision to the Young Money collective because they won’t pay her for her services and because they all apparently share one apartment. She often refers to Young money as “roommates” LOL. I added the LOL because that is what Kat Stacks does after she says the word roommates. It makes her laugh to herself. That chick is officially retarded BTW. Still and all, the Kat Stacks character just feeds into the publicity machine that encircles rappers. When the hell are any of these people going to produce an album that is worthy of this publicity?

Jae Millz, who was listed as one of XXL mag’s freshmen back in 1980 just had to return some shots placed at him because he said that several of the new crop of rappers were undeserving of their placement on the freshmen 2010 list. How does he return shots? Does he drop an album? Does he release a freestyle? He does what rappers today do – he releases a video interview. This is what rap has reduced itself to, and no one does it better than Young Money. Interviews with innuendo? Yes. As far as making records… Not so much.