|  November 18, 2008

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Looks like Dame Dash is never going to get over the biggest Hip-Hop break up in history. Turns out that Dash who recently lost serious control of his finances and his assets, loses control of his mouth in an up and coming interview with Complex Magazine. The December issue of Mark Ecko’s Complex sees Dash explain an issue between Jay Z and Kanye when the young Chicago rapper joined the Roc and was expected to get a chain from Jigga as he performed in his home town of Chicago. Dash implies that Jay was not, under no terms, handing over his chain to Kanye and it was left to Dame Dash to save the day and hand over the chain to Kanye.Of course Dash also told Kanye as he placed it over his neck that he would need the chain back when they got back stage but the moral of this story is the fact that Dame believes Kanye and Jay hate each other. Some are saying that he is coming out the face with this one to promote Jim Jones, not quite sure how this news promotes Jimmy but ok, some are saying that there is some truth in this story and Big Brother is not necessarily all fiction after,all and I just say Dame needs to get back on point and clear some of those debts rather than looking like a schmuck bringing ish like this up from five years ago.The interview will be available tomorrow in its entirety on complex.com

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