Wow!  Throwing Dame under the bus.  Now I can’t say this lady doesn’t have the right to be frustrated, but going to RadarOnline to dish the dirt is a little bit of a low blow.  And this is coming from a Dame Dash slanderer.  Plus I can just tell from Ms. Williams quotables that she is plotting.  She doesn’t want her son getting “involved with drugs and alcohol”.  I mean what mother does?  That being said you definitely dated Dame Dash for about 10 years so don’t try to act green.  At then end of the day this is all about money.  She wants money from Dame, and he ain’t trying to give it to her.

Linda Williams – who has a 19-year-old son (also named Damon Dash) – is battling her famous ex to pay court ordered payments of $425 per week to help support their son.

Williams claims that Dash Sr. – who once had an estimated fortune of $50 million – has also interfered with their son from going to college because this would mean he will have to continue to pay child support.

Williams told “I just want Damon Dash to do the right thing by his son and pay his support and help me get him in college.

My son got into Five Towns College in Dix Hills, NY, on a $30,000 scholarship recently to do music, but his father did not want him to go even though it would not have cost him anything.

He keeps telling him ‘tell your mom to drop the child support case and get out of court’ when my son just wants to be a normal teenager and go to college.

His father recently set him up with some DJ gigs in New York, and I’m worried that he falls in with a bad crowd and gets involved with drugs and alcohol.

My son loves music and ideally he could do both. He does not hate his father or anything like that, but he wants more guidance from him.

His father has the money he just needs to do the right thing by his son.

The feuding pair are due back in New York State Family Court at the end of August with Williams trying to ratify previous orders.

On April 6, 2010, Magistrate Cheryl Weir Reeves threatened to jail and seize Dash Sr.’s driving and business licenses, if he did not comply with previous rulings.

The back-dated payments of $425 per week to Williams were due to began on May 27, 2010.

Their original child support agreement in November 8, 1999, called upon Dash to pay her $3,766.67 per month in child support payments.

She said: “At our last court appearance he admitted that he was paying between $10,000 and $12,000 per month for his home in Up-State New York, plus he has an art gallery and recording studio in Manhattan, so, he’s hardly broke.