Dame Facing More Drama

 |  June 26, 2007

By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Poor Dame Dash just can’t catch a break can he since his break up with Jay..now it looks like he and wife Rachel Roy are having marital issues. Dame allegedly got loud at a party when he arrived and saw his wife all hugged up with some dude on a big comfy couch. But like in most cases, Dame walked away with nothing. Rachel stayed and enjoyed the night.

JD Running His Mouth Now

      Well JD may be a big (in status but not in size) exec but he does have time to kill and what better way to kill it than writing a book. The book Young, Rich, and Dangerous: My Life in Music (such a creative title) is coming out on Atria dishes dirt on Mariah, Usher  and Janet…this I have to read to believe. JD knows what side his bread is buttered so I doubt there is too much scandal in this book.

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    dont matter you still a don in the hip hop world keep your head up dame…