Comedian Dave Chappelle of the defunct Comedy Central hit, ‘Chappelle’s Show’, has canceled a comedyfest performance scheduled for Thursday (November 16) in Las Vegas, organizers said Monday without explaining further.

      The Comedy Festival is put on by HBO and AEG Live. Bill Maher’s performance, previously billed for 10:30 p.m., has been moved up by an hour to make up for Chappelle’s absence.

People with tickets for Chappelle’s show will get refunds.

      On April 28, Chappelle walked away from the set of Chappelle’s Show and a deal worth up to $50 million, without an official word to his business associates. The third season of the Chappelle’s Show carried on in his absence.

  • sk1zzy

    Dave Dave Dave we all love and feel the pressufe wit u but come on man cant leave ur fans hanging all the time…. better yet tell HBO to give u ur own series sitcom that shit will be crazy

  • despo

    i know the pressure is there an somtimes you just want everybody ta leave you alone people get on ya nerves after a while but dont give it up unless it’s not in your heart anymore