#DEAD: 5 Trends That Need To Die With 2010

 |  December 31, 2010

This year was the start of many intriguing and great trends that will propel hip-hop into the future.  The independent movement was phenomenal this year and I believe now we are looking towards the quality of music as a measure other than album sales.  I’ve also seen a significant rise in artist’s creativity and I’m unusually optimistic about the near future of the culture.  With that said – I witnessed some straight bull$#!t this year!  I sincerely hope that all of you artists, managers, bloggers, and fans read this and take heed to what I’m saying.  These are my Top 5 trends that need to be buried alive while they are still breathing Joe Pesci-in-Casino style:

5. Twitter Beef (However Brief)


Twitter was invented as a way for people to do quick and constant updates on what’s poppin’ in their lives.  This is the main reason why it’s an automatic fail when rappers start beef on here.  No one remembers who said what or why.  And most of it is over nothing.  People end up apologizing for jumping the gun and all is forgotten within a couple of days.   Just stop it before you end up doing something that no one will remember.

4. H.G.A. (Hoes Getting Attention)


Don’t get me wrong – women need attention (see all my random Rosa Acosta posts!).  It’s just my humble opinion that some women deserve more than others.  It was way too many hoes getting mainstream attention this year.  It’s sending the message that all you need to be famous is a decent body and multiple d!@ks in you from famous people. Although that may me true – that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

3. Rappers Going To Jail In Their Prime


Wayne. Tip. Boosie.Gucci. Ja Rule (Just playing.) We have to do better at keeping the people that can rap out of jail!  The guys who can’t rap for s#!t manage to stay away from trouble enough – their weed and gun carriers need to switch teams.

2. Wack Music


With the rise of the Internet, many of the gatekeepers of the music industry were removed from their posts, allowing more people to make their music available to the masses.  The people decide more than anyone who is hot and who isn’t.  If everyone says an artist is booty – don’t sign them to a large advance and attempt to put out their music.  It’s not getting sold.  Feel free to start letting people in your circle know as well that they will never make it in the industry if they do not work extremely hard.

1. The Swag Movement


For the record – Here is the definition of  swagger:

A bold, or arrogant strut; A prideful boasting or bragging; To walk with a swaying motion; hence, to walk and act in a pompous, consequential manner; To boast or brag noisily; to be ostentatiously proud or vainglorious; to bluster; to bully

If you truly aspire to be or act like that – you got issues. For hip-hop to make that their moniker, it’s kind of pathetic.  Don’t feel the need to be fake or to pump yourself up as a cover up for your insecurities.  It’s been shown to us that there are plenty of lanes of this hip-hop highway that allow for artists to be themselves without acting out the opposite. I charge the hood with coming up with a new word that is not associated with “strutting” or “sashaying”.

Happy 2011 everyone!

  • Urboyo

    How about wack music as # 1

  • Wtf

    How about getting rid of SAM on this website for 2011.