Dear Kenny Burns, What Is A Grey Goose Ambassador?

Written by Sam

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011 at 6:14 pm
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So Kenny Burns called into MTV to discuss the Diddy f*ckery at T.I’s coming home party.  I don’t really care about what Kenny Burns has to say about the incident.  What kind of pissed me off is that he called himself an ambassador for Grey Goose, and Diddy an ambassador for Ciroc.  Bruh Bruh!  You are not a vodka diplomat.  It is not that deep.  You slang vodka to young and impressionable kids for a check.  Stop trying to use fancy words to say it is anything other than that.  These personalities need to get off their own d*cks.  But get that check bruh bruh.  I will be sure to tell 16 year old girls that the cool rappers are drinking that Goose!


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