|  June 22, 2010


I love when artists push the envelope with their creativity and enlist their fans to support– hence an artist I’ve been hearing about for a few years now and may be you have also or may be not- Enter Muhsinah Known in the indie circuit for her experimental bedroom recordings. If you’ve never heard of her that’s ok- as she has yet to release her debut – in fact– she’s working on it and like another artist I featured here – Collette, she’s enlisted Kickstarter to jump start her project and raise the necessary funds $31,000 to be exact to produce her debut recording and short film.  12 more days to meet her goal or she loses all of it!!!

To download a sneak peak of Dear ___ do it here:

To donate funds here:

Muhsinah is a Grammy nominated artist hailing from D.C.  She came into the game as a back up vocalist with Raheem DeVaughn and since gone on to collaborate with artists like Foreign Exchange, Wayna, Common and others.

This is definitely a very ambitious debut.  Follow Muhsinah on Twitter for updates. 12 more days to reach $31,000 or she loses all of it.  Let’s help her realize this dream.  A debut album + short film + the fans get the credit and special benefits for being involved.  Can’t beat that!

  • S2S

    Much respect to her, loved her on the Foreign Exchange album.