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Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 at 10:11 am
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Looks like Deelishis is back on the prowl again after her engagement to some random dude called Orlando is officially ‘OFF’. The Flavor of Love champ had been engaged for just over a year and it had been rumored that the couple would tie the knot next year in a lavish ceremony, well not anymore. However with an asset like hers we all know she won’t be in need of someone to keep her warm on a winters night and word on the street is that Allen Iverson is already becoming ‘acquainted’ with Deelishis after he was spotted hanging out with her and her girls at some Detroit Casino when he should have been at a practice game for the Pistons last week.

  • bubbaspeasy

    sexy phat butt

  • Ju5blaz3*Get MONEY

    HAa i Dont BlAme AI..

  • reggiecha

    I thought Al was wit his baby mama

  • doggidawg

    that butt should be insured for a million dollars

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