|  January 29, 2009


When you look at the demands made by Lil Wayne and his camp when it comes to doing shows, you can understand why various promoters get more than annoyed when the famed Cash Money rapper fails to make an appearance. Here are some of the requirements Weezy stipulates when agreeing to do a show:
– 50% of fee up front, the remainder in cash on the night. if abroad all the money needs to be up front
– 50 complimentary tickets in the first ten rows as well as 25 back stage passes
– Stays in 5* hotel with on site parking for tour bus and will only sleep in Presidential Suite or something equally as big (nothing less that 1000 sqft)
– Police escort to and from venue consisting of two vehicles and four off duty police officers. 10 security guards backstage at all times. If the show is overseas, Weezy needs an armed guard at all times…seriously
– Two fully equipped dressing rooms with Patron, Grey Goose, Champagne, snacks, nice fluffy towels, the rooms must be ODOR free and then of course not forgetting his Listerine Mouth Wash, the blue one.
One thing that wasn’t compulsory on the list was styrofoam cups but I guess that is automatically a given when Wayne comes to town, either that or his crew have a box from Costco on the tour bus anyway.
Still can’t beat DMX’s backstage riders though which included three boxes of Trojans, a gallon of Henny and a fifth of Red Alize.

  • kairosrain

    this big-headed cluck is getting on my nerves.

  • puppetmaster

    he ain’t the best rapper alive so he better keep his mouth shut