DJ Skee sat down with Scott Storch to discuss what’s been happening since he blew most of his money up his nose.  Storch refers to wanting to “be a part of the process again” with Dr. Dre, which is not surprising since  his production assistance for “The Chronic 2001” is what helped catapult him to production stardom.  Storch says that Dre is looking for about 3 more tracks before it’s ready, but who knows how long that will take considering how long we’ve been waiting for this album.  I love Dr. Dre, but I really feel that by the time this album drops, the sound is going to be outdated, and the album wont carry the same weight it might have a couple years ago.  Then again maybe I’m just a paranoid hater.  Either way this interview is interesting and is another teaser for “Detox’s” eventual release.

  • Woodrow Buford

    here they go wit dis its almost done shhh i hope dey come correct