|  October 11, 2008













Bishop Lamont has once again talked on Detox in a recent interview while he is on tour in Europe with Black Milk and Guilty Simpson. Lamont who has yet to release his debut album on Aftermath insists that Detox won’t be coming this year and the problem lies with Dre’s motivation. Now this is understandable as Dre did lose his son this year, so you can kind of get why Dre might really not be thinking too long and hard about an album he has been working on for the last eight years, what difference does another year make anyway?
This change in stories comes after Quik (as in DJ Quik) told the world that Dre has over 400 records to choose from for Detox, hardly surprising. However the funny thing is when I spoke with Quik and his partner AMG last year, they said people who recorded 70 tracks for an album were verging on excessive…what does that make Dre then…obsessive?
Anyhow I think it is probably best if Bishop keeps his mouth shut about Detox going forward as he isn’t doing himself any favors. Detox is coming, that is all we need to know I guess.