By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Even though he made his first movie, ATL, last year, 18-year old Evan Ross, son of Diana Ross is becoming a hot commodity. He’s starring in the upcoming film Pride with Terrence Howard and the HBO flick, Life Support, with Queen Latifah. He recently finished filming Gardens in the Night with Tom Arnold and Harold Perrineau and is currently filming Brooklyn to Manhattan, a film about four young escaping a botched drug deal through the subway tunnels in Brooklyn.

      If that’s not enough, the young actor has just signed on for roles in Burning Sands, a film about five friends forced to ban together as they embark on the treacherous task of pledging a historically black fraternity and Life is Hot in Cracktown, a film based on a book about stories of how crack cocaine has infiltrated the inner-city streets. Evan’s momma, Diana Ross was recently on “Inside the Actor’s Studio” giving much love to Evan for his upcoming work.