By: Rizoh

      Diddy is currently under investigation by LAPD for assault and battery, says The man who once rapped, “I deal with many women but treat dimes fair” may have attacked another man in a bid to snatch his fiancée at a post-Oscar party.

      According to the reports, Gerard Rechnitzer was on his way to the bathroom at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood when he noticed that his fiancee was surrounded by six men, including Diddy. He watched as Diddy engaged his girl in conversation for about five minutes before asking his fiancée to leave with him.

      Diddy reportedly told the woman about a party he was throwing and invited her to join him. Rechnitzer insisted on leaving with his fiancée. At that point, Diddy allegedly socked him in the jaw. Rechnitzer then called 911. Diddy allegedly left before the LAPD arrived.


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  • Heavens Movie

    that was just disrespectful diddy, you should have punched him in the gut niggah