First off, channel ORANGE is a great record, there’s no denying that. Feel free to checkout our album review of it right this way. To date, the album has moved closed to 200,000 units in the US.

Many attribute that based on the fact of Frank being a great artist and songwriter, while others think him revealing how his first love was man had a huge part to do with his marketing plan.

The same way sex tapes get “leaked,” and rappers start useless feuds right before a big project comes out. So what do you think? Would Frank still have this success if he kept quiet about his sexual orientation, or did coming out to the world put him on this platform?

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  • Ea

    ihiphop sucks these days.

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    sam used to make me laugh. R.I.P. sam’s job….

  • Apple

    Internet frequenters are failing to recognize the exact order of events that led to Ocean coming out. Journalists noticed certain songs (“Bad Religion”, “Forest Gump”) addressing a male love interest. After rampant speculation, Ocean decided to release the liner notes to Channel Orange in order to clear the air. Whether he wrote the liner notes last year as he claimed or minutes after rumors about his sexuality started circulating, the sudden scrutiny forced Ocean’s hand.