Yesterday a tweet by author dream hampton created speculation that hip-hop mystery man Jay Electronica was a ghostwriter on Nas’ controversial Untitled album. Shortly afterwards, fwmj, a friend of Jay co-signed dream’s claim leaving many to wonder: did Jay Electronica really ghostwrite for Nas!?



If dream’s claims are true, how will fans take the news? Ghostwriters have been a part of hip-hop forever. Snoop’s Ego Trippin album was written completely by ghostwriters. With that being said, Nas has remained one of the most highly regarded hip-hop artists of all time. If he’s been using ghostwriters, Nas’ credibility will definitely take a hit.

Nas recently appeared on Power 106 in LA claiming that he has never used a ghostwriter. Who do you believe?

UPDATE: Jay Electronica took to Twitter to issue this statement:



I can only hope that Jay is telling the truth.