Diddy should  have known this was going to happen when he said “If you’re not drinking Ciroc vodka, then you’re drinking pee pee.”

According to E! Online, Diddy made this proclamation, and that has sparked some controversy in the vodka world.

“It is not right what he did,
” Georgi vodka brand CEO Martin Silver said during a press conference he held yesterday to address the remark and demand an apology. He went on to accuse the hip-hop impresario of “maligning” his product.

Silver even took it one step further and had a toilet bowl filled with Diddy’s vodka and tried to have it delivered to his New York office. Which was pretty hilarious, the issue with this is that Georgi Vodka actually sucks, I have a rule about vodka if it comes in a plastic bottle it should not be consumed. I just want to see what other vodka manufacturers do.

“It’s unused, the only problem is it’s filled with Mr. Combs’ vodka…we’ll have to sanitize it.”- Martin Silver

  • Cool

    Notice how he had a black dude carrying that shit?

  • lord_devious

    Yeah that Georgi shit is garbage. Ciroc is made from grapes from France; and that dude tried to act as though his juice bottle vodka could fuck with Crioc Obama? 'Fuk Outta here….