|  November 21, 2008

t pain lover












Will someone please explain to me why Diddy had to go give T Pain points on his album for using Auto-Tune? Damn people are acting like this dude invented Auto-Tune. I understand about giving credit where credit is due but does this mean Kanye should be giving Pain points for using Auto-Tune too as well and T Paiin should be gving points to Teddy Riley and Teddy Riley should be feeding into the estate of Roger Troutman? I mean no disrespect to Pain but people are acting like he is the first to use the vocoder as opposed to recycling something that has already been used in tracks that to this day remain Hip-Hop classics, California Love and Going back to Cali.
Maybe Diddy should be giving Kanye points too as he put out an album which sees him singing on every track and using the vocoder too…looks like someone is still biting to me anyway