By: Rizoh

      While Cam’ron is busy getting his vacationing on, Diplomats Records President Freekey Zeke is back on his grind. Zeke is set to release his solo debut, Book of Ezekiel, on July 24, and we can’t guarantee that it will include any biblical verses.

      To keep production inexpensive, Zeke turned to his fellow Diplomats—Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Jha Jha, Hell Rell, JR Writer, and the one and only Killa Cam—for collaborations on Book of Ezekiel.

      Fresh out of a three-year jail stint that ended in November 2006, Zeke headed straight to the studio to create songs that reflect his viewpoints on hip-hop and the world at large. (Or so we’re told.) We’re also promised Zeke’s trademark humorous skits on Book of Ezekiel.

       "I’m happy to finally show the world what I can do as an artist in my own right," said Freekey Zekey via a statement. "Book of Ezekiel is my own story, and the Diplomats family is a big part of my music. I thank the fans who have stood by me through everything, and I am sure they’ll feel what I’m bringing on the album."

      You can listen to the first single, “Hater What You Lookin’ At,” in our Audio Section. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


Book of Ezekiel Tracklist

1.  Intro – prod by Dramasetters
2.  Daddy Back f/ Cam’ron & Juelz Santana – prod by J.A.
3.  Like This f/ Sen – prod by DA
4.  Skit
5.  Shoot’em Up f. Hell Rell & JR Writer – prod by Spectacular
6.  Hater what You Lookin’ At – prod by Freebass
7.  Crunk’d Up – prod by C Dub
8.  Skit
9.  Livin’ It Up f/ Tobb – prod by Flava Beats
10. My Life  – prod by StreetRunner

11. Skit
12. Killem Killem f/ Juelz Santana – prod by J.A.
13. Streets – prod by Ash
14. 730 Dip Dip f/ Jim Jones & Ash – prod by Carmelo Torres & Ash
15. Where The Dutch f/ Tobb – prod by Tito Green
16. Fly Fitted – prod by The Firemen
17. Bottom Bitch – prod by The Firemen
18. Steph f/ Sen – prod by DA
19. B without Base f/ Lil Wayne & Jha Jha – prod by JR (Legendary Media Group)

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