The stars have aligned for this track.

Summer may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean that the music is cooling off. Today, famed producer, DJ Kay Slay, released the second single from his forthcoming project, The Big Brother. Entitled “Cold Summer”, this track features a wide-range of some of today’s hottest talent who’re cornering the market through their individual strengths: Kendrick Lamar, Kevin Gates, Mac Miller, and Rell on the hook.

Head-bumping beats play with spirited, jazzy accents to provide a sturdy structure for the three emcees to confidently walk across. K. Dot and Mac lead the charge with concise yet potent 16s that are broken up by Rell’s soulful hook. Kevin Gates claims the track’s last verse, delivering the song’s most in-depth part complete with his twang-infused flow, vivid imagery, and solid references, evidenced by his bars, “Cold summer, swimmin’ in the puddle with piranhas / Like Eminem bitch I ain’t never knew my mama.”

The three rappers adequately complement each other, and Rell’s well-sung hook adds an opposing energy that folds well into the diverse beat.

Listen to “Cold Summer” below, and get ready for DJ Kay Slay’s The Big Brother project: