DJ Khaled Thirsty For Eminem

 |  May 5, 2011

DJ Khaled is so thirsty for Eminem right now that it’s pathetic.  Speaking to MTV, Khaled said that he has something in mind for Eminem that will be “the biggest anthem ever.”  He proceeded to say, “let’s work the people want it” before saying, “I actually have the track I want him to rock on…this is my fifth album [and it shows] my growth.

Khaled doesn’t do anything to make a track besides bring people together; only a small handful have ever been produced by him, so what does he mean by saying he wants Em to rock with him?   For that reason and the fact that all of his songs sound alike, he’s crazy for even claiming that he’s grown as an artist.  The Eminem I listened to back in the day would probably flip Khaled the bird for even making such a proposal, but who knows these days.  Khaled’s We The Best Forever is due out by the end of the year.