Calling all rap nerds (myself included)! HiphopDX linked to this DJ Ron interview with DJ Premier discussing the current status of his record with Nas. Premo’s diplomatic stance on the matter plays it straight but potentially leaves a glimmer of hope, or doubt, depending on how you read it.

DJ RonI remember a Scratch Magazine cover with you and Nas and there was an album that was supposed to come out. What about that?

DJ PremierWell, it’s really all up to Nas. He’s the artist. I’m the producer and so the artist has to say they’re ready to work. If they say they’re ready to work I’m ready to work.

DJ RonSo it’s really more on Nas…

DJ Premier
[I’m supposed to be] DJing with him for Rock The Bells this year. He’s doing the whole Illmatic album in its entirety. I already put it out on twitter. I may have already jumped the gun. I was already approached about it so let’s see [who comes correct] and gets it going.

The last part, to avoid taking words out of context, leads into how their intended performance may spur the economy and the hip-hop community. Anyway, I’d welcome a Premo and Nas record since I’m a big fan of both artists. Yet I don’t feel it’s necessary at this stage of the game. They’ve made classic records that’ll be quite challenging to best given their legendary status. That doesn’t mean they can’t try to develop a great album in today’s rap game. It’s just that the massive hype and anticipation will likely raise expectations to unattainable levels.

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