Do We Still Need Gucci Mane?

 |  July 7, 2011

Something strange happened the other day.  Gucci Mane dropped a mixtape, and I didn’t really care.  This is significant, as I have always considered myself a pretty big Gucci fan.  I actually wrote an article almost a year ago breaking down how Gucci has f*cked up in the music department.  He over saturated the market, became too legit, and let his production slip.  Then there were the f*ck ups in his personal life.  The dude has allegedly been blowing coke like it’s nobody’s business and throwing chicks out of his whip after they refuse his solicitations for sex.  I mean some may disagree but I’m also not so sure getting an ice cream cone tattooed on your face is the move.  One day he is in jail, the next he is supposed to get out, only to realize that he’s still there. It’s not exactly tough to figure out Gucci isn’t in the best place personally.  He needs to sort some sh*t out.

My point is really this.  When you are locked up, you can’t get that work on the street.  So guess what happens?  People started copping work from the people who have it.  What happens next?  People start liking that work.  Which leads to f*ck boy sensationalist bloggers doing posts about how certain rappers aren’t that necessary.  I’m not actually saying Gucci Mane will cease to be relevant.  What I am saying is that decline in relevancy has to start somewhere.  That time might be upon us.  If I were Gucci I would concentrate on three things.

1) Get out of jail.

2) Get off of drugs.

3) Get back to the basics.

If Gucci does that he might just get people like me to stop running their yap, and get us back to concentrating on the music.  Because the best artists get the people to concentrate on the music.  Even in the internet age.