• tenured

    don’t know about you but that album art is boring.

  • alien

    anybody has the track list for this?

  • projektor

    16 new tracks. Looking forward to this.

  • Marley

    I hear that TeeFlii is going to be guesting on this album.

  • kurisha

    I just heard the Get Home Safely track and it had some great beats to it. Hoping the whole album has the same.

  • liham

    Dom is really talented, hopefully he gets it straight with this new album.

  • peralang

    Yup underrated yet very talented.

  • notart

    This album cover is not art.

  • paymore

    I hope this is better than his first album 🙂

  • jeans

    For sure it will be a lot better, just the title track is dope enough!