Donda West: “Kanye Never Owned a Gun”

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Monday, October 1st, 2007 at 3:59 pm
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By: Rizoh

      Kanye’s mom, Dr. Donda West, spoke in defense of her son at the recently concluded Baltimore Book Festival. Cornered with a question about her son’s unconventional approach to hip-hop, Dr. West told the Baltimore Sun that Kanye is the paradigm of “keeping it real.”

“People say Kanye is a preppy, he’s a mama’s boy and all of these things,” said Donda West, the author of Raising Kanye. “And all of those are true, but you can’t find someone who keeps it more real than Kanye. He’s not going out there rapping about blowing someone’s head off when he’s never so much as owned a gun.”

      What!? No gun? Even after all those harsh comments he made about Beanie Sigel?

      Seriously, Kanye’s mom is absolutely right. Whether you think he’s arrogant or not, the man should be applauded, not derided, for staying true to himself. The last thing hip-hop needs is another phony.

  • Devon_R

    Kanye West is a unique rapper. There plenty of rappers in the game who just rap about guns and violence but Kanye has been able to be successful by doing something different. Not to say that rap talking about guns and violence is bad but why think any less of him as an artist merely because that hasn’t been part of his life.

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