So here are two Lacoste high tops that I saw and liked.  The first pair are the Lacoste Missouri 85 Mid’s, and they are dropping sometime in November.  Up next we have the Lacoste Cabestan Vulc Mid’s.  I think these are out now.


  • leslie_fetzer

    cool and is so hippy… i love the second one. but i think that almost all lacoste shoes are beautiful and very attractive especially when you wear it!

  • daryl143

    great for baggy jeans… hope they would have red color with white combination, would love it! but those shown on pictures are also cool.

  • HenryW

    geez, this one’s cool. i wonder if they can come up some good looking slip-in styles. sneakers like this can go on to any occasions and outfits; looks so fun to wear.

  • griffjosh

    Opps.. New for me and I’m a great fan of Lacoste Parfuum. Nice but I don’t like it. I am not a fan of rubber shoes. I am more on leather shoes. The white one seems cool to give this coming Christmas. 😀

  • andersonharriet

    wow very cute.. I like that white shoes really fits on me. I wonder when it will be released. I’ll wait till its out in the market.