This is one of those things where “legitimate” people pretend to be fancy when they are really just peddling high quality smut.  Not that I’m mad.  Well maybe I am because I am just a low level smut peddler and these guys are out there doing it big.  Who are these “legitimate” people”?  Well Jimmy Iovine of the Interscope Illuminati has linked up with Fashion photographer Raphael Mazzucco to create a book entitled Culo by Mazzucco.  Culo is Spanish for a$$.  So they obviously dropped a viral video chock full of nice a$$es with Timbaland’s “Pass At Me” featuring Pitbull and David Guetta as background music.  That is how you market in 2011!  Spotted at RR.

Gunna link out since there is nudity, even though it’s “tastefully” done or whatever.

A First Look At Culo By Mazzucco