By: Rizoh

      Many people have been wondering why Eve’s new album is being helmed by Swizz Beatz instead of Dr. Dre, who signed the Pitbull-in-a-skirt after she left Ruff Ryders. Wonder no more. According to Eve (born Eve Jihan Jeffers), the good Doctor is just way too busy with other production duties to make substantial contributions to her project.

      In the absence of Dre, Eve’s longtime friend and collaborator Swizz Beatz was forced to step in and take over as one of the executive producers of Here I Am (due out in August). “The decision was to have Dre start off the album, but Dre is kinda busy,” Eve explained in a recent MTV interview.

      She added: “Swizz is my brother. He knows how to work with me. What was supposed to happen, (Swizz) was just going to do a couple (of tracks), but once we get together, we can’t stop working. He knows me really well.”
      She’s also in high hopes that Dre will contribute more than the one song (“Fire”) to Here I Am before its August release date. We hope so too.

  • natas

    eve is wack

  • Carlito Bragonti33

    Exactly…..Nobody wants this Eve album but Eve. Message to Eve: Please stop while youre ahead. Dre dont even want to work with u andf u his artist