Drake recently blogged about putting the finishing touches on his debut album, Thank Me Later.  In the post, Drake talks about his nervous excitement in the build up to its release, as well as the relief he’ll feel once everyone can hear it upon its release.  Drake has been taking it slow (as I’m sure all of you have realized by now) when it comes to releasing his debut LP, but he claims that all of the guests on the album have given their best, in his opinion.  I like to take a “wait-and-see” approach with newer rappers like this, though I can’t help but think that Thank Me Later will blow up when its released, considering the hype Drake already has.  Check below for his full post:

“The sun just came out.  I mean I haven’t seen it yet cause I am in the studio but I know it did.  So good morning.  I am working on the last song for “Thank Me Later”.  What a different journey it’s been this go round.  I wish I could share so much more with you but there are just too many new people involved who have dedicated their time to “the reveal”.  Should I just post the entire thing up now and say no the methods and yes to the mayhem????  Ha.  I’d live too, but this is something special that I feel the needs to be delivered to you in the way you deserve it to be.  Remember the days of well thought out visuals, album thank you’s, funk flex rants, all the things that came with the release of a new album, the things we’d look forward too…well I hope I can make you remember.  I’ve worked hard on this body of work and I feel like every artist involved has given me their absolute best.  I cannot wait till it’s yours.  The relief I will experience on release day will be euphoric.  I look in peoples eyes and see not so much the doubt, but the uncertainty, the question that looms…and whatever the answer is I think we’re both ready for it.  These overwhelming moments are to be cherished.  On that note, fond readers, I will see u soon somewhere along the way.  Mr. Walters pull the car around front…its time to go home.

“History will be kind to me…for I intend to write it”

-Winston Churchill