Aubrey can’t get out of our heads this week. He’s on every show talking about the album and his new lease on life. Sounding like a motivational speaker out here. Ellen grilled him on his dating life, popping up pictures of various rumored flings and Drake swatted them like David Ortiz. Of Rihanna? Watch.

  • abercrombie

    He has always been bragging about dating Rihanna even back when she was with Chris Brown. Lambasted Brown in an interview way back in April, saying that he’s better than Brown ever was.

  • required

    Lame a$s. Bisch a kiss and tell.


    He has been on every talk show that would have him. Frankly am sick of his face.

  • pimp

    He could date Rihanna all he wants and she’d leave him once Chris Brown pays her a little attention.

  • Brittonie

    Drake really looks just fine here. But I hate that squeaky voice!

  • Wronguns

    When Rihanna wants to stop playing the fool, she can probably get rid of that abuser.

  • dissdrak

    So they’re not dating. Let’s just all get OVA it!

  • ryan

    From the looks of it, Drake’s a virgin.

  • lovelorn

    Why do we even care? I am frankly tired of Drake’s interviews left and right!