What it is ya’ll?! It’s your boy Young Dolo. I got some new and old Drizzy for ya’ll. The first two vids is Drake performing the first and second verse from “Fireworks”, which is the first song on his album Thank Me Later. The third video is Slakah The BeatChild “Enjoy Yourself v2” feat Drake, the video is new bit the song is kinda of old, so it has a “Pre-Lil Wayne Influence” Drake… Where his flow is less So Far Gone and more Comeback Season

Skalah the BeatChild “Enjoy Yourself v2” Featuring Drake… Not to dissapoint you, this is an official video, but it only has pictures of Drake…

  • ATF Foreva..

    That An Old Verse Frm Drake Frm ComeBack Season..But I Still Cnt Wait 4 TML..