By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      For those wondering how the anticipated Rock the Bells show, featuring everyone from the Wu-Tang Clan to Nas, was born, it was all captured on film back in 2004. From filmmakers Casey Suchan and Denis Henry Hennelly (who previously worked on lauded documentaries Beef, Beef 2, Thug Angel and The Freshest Kids), “Rock the Bells,” features the behind the scenes drama faced by organizer Chang Weisberg such as overselling the show and fans breaking in the venue and ODB not wanting to show up for the show even after RZA called him out.

      “If this event had been run by a large corporation, a disaster would have occurred,” say the filmmakers. “The split-second decision making and grace under pressure exhibited by the promotion team are innately human traits. It is this kind of interpersonal, organic touch that corporations will never be capable of, and it is the reason we must fight to support the independent spirit in the arts, whether it’s found in a group like the Wu-Tang Clan or a business like Guerilla Union.”

      The DVD will hit stores this week that will include special segments on O.D.B. and his last days before his death. Check out the film trailer below