|  November 24, 2008

jimmy and andre












According to Jimmy Iovine the reason why we are not seeing Detox this year like planned is because Dre put down his work to work with Eminem on his album. Therefore one project had to be sacrificed I guess, but if thats the case why didnt they get Eminem’s project out before the end of the year as we were expecting. Jimmy’s answer to that million dollar question was ‘Eminem was always coming out next year.’ Really? Funny as I thought Detox was supposed to come out three years ago. I like the good folks at Interscope must suffer from optional memory syndrome.Funny Jimmy failed to talk about 50 who up until last year was his golden boy. How things have changed. Jimmy is probably hoping that Keisha and the new Guns and Roses album will start the wheels moving at the label as things have been looking a lil shaky over there lately.

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    that’s the nature of business. you’ll never know who’s with you the next day.