By: Rizoh

      That’s right, kids. You have all been made to wait in vain. Despite earlier promises that his first album in eight years will be out in September, Dr. Dre’s long-anticipated Detox will not see the light of the day this year. XXL’s Editor-in-Chief Elliott Wilson said in a blog post yesterday that Dre was on schedule to cover the 10th anniversary issue of the magazine (he was replaced by Lil Wayne and Birdman).

      The Dre cover would’ve officially announced his return to the rap game. Unfortunately for chronic g-funkers everywhere, Detox is now tentatively slated for release in the first quarter of 2008.

  • Carlito Bragonti33


  • MurdaP

    That bitch gone be fire Chronic and Chronic 2001 Classics hottest Producer in the game hands down

  • spynonu

    yo dude like 45 or some shit..fuck outta here.

  • astrogreen

    He didn’t even do the beats or lyrics on Chronic 2001. He washed up let’s face it. We don’t need him. We have Kanye and Pharrell.

  • Xfuckgunit187X

    Ayo Astro your a straight fag for sayin that shit.

  • CMUR

    Astro!? you out your mind or what?? Kanye and Pharrell got nuthin on dre. Dre made them and thats whats up.

  • mississippian

    Hold on lil kiddies let’s go back here for a minute.
    them cats ya’ll trying to compare to the god ain’t even in the same tax brackett as dre.
    go kill yoself!

  • payback tyme records

    i didn’t really play the last one. i hate when niggaz feature too many niggaz on one album. hold an entire album for once. oh how i miss the days of Eric B & Rakim.

  • Syqadeliq

    Ass-throw-ma’fuckin’-green you better go listen to your Shitney Spheres you fuckin’ maggot… Dre’s fuckin’ ROYALTY fool, you ain’t gon even breath his name out with no Pharell or Kanye!!! You fuckin’ nincompoop…

  • jasonx

    pharell and kanye!! What kind of crack are you smoking!

  • Johnny07

    aye dont knock pharell and kanye fam they hot right now. but dre not washed up that nigga gon be hot for another ten years. ima be patiently waitin for detox