By: Rizoh
      Dreamgirls, which failed to earn a nomination in the most important Oscar category of Best Picture, is now making desperate attempts to saturate headlines with trivial press statements, as the Oscars’ big night draws near. Dreamworks Pictures, the folks behind Dreamgirls, want you to know that the musical is a work of fiction and should be regarded as such. Just in case you didn’t realized this from reading the disclaimer on the movie, Dreamgirls is a work of fiction. This work of fiction also pays homage to Motown.
       Dreamworks also want you to know that they “used many wonderful accomplishments that belong to the rich Motown history” in the movie. “For any confusion that has resulted from our fictional work, we apologize to Mr. Gordy and all of the incredible people who were a part of that great legacy. It is vital that the public understand that the real Motown story has yet to be told.” Ok, now that’s something we can all agree on.