|  December 3, 2008













Now I am not one to disrespect an authority such as the UN as they do so much good in the world, BUT I do think I am allowed to dispute a recent suggestion they made in regards to making porn star B-Lister Kim Kardashian an Ambassador of South Africa. I mean for real what has this chick done that allows a suggestion such as this to be even discussed? Even if she was to be a rival to Angelina Jolie for her philanthropic endeavors her presence on gossip sites would surely be a lil too high brow for these so called dignitaries. Personally this could just be a serious PR spin to get some good press for her but either way the UN officials get the Dumb award for this fantasy story.
















And well the Dumber award can only go to one person this week who I have held my tongue on since reading about the incident last weekend and that is Plaxico Burress. Now its one thing to shoot yourself in the leg but it is another one thinking folks are actually going to believe your story that you were shot at Applebees. He honestly thought people weren’t going to ask questions? He honestly thought with his presence and his name people weren’t going to be talking about this? More fool you Plaxico becasue not only are you shot in the leg which would on its own see you on the sidelines throughout the play offs but you also put the people you were out with, the hospital staff who you attempted to bullshit and the New York Giants all in jeopardy. So in two days he gets suspended for the rest of the season and was charged with illegal possession of a fire arm which carries a sentence of 3.5-15 years. He will be back in court on March 31st.
SIDENOTE: Is it me or does Plaxico sound like some drug company?