By: Rizoh

      When you thought you heard it all, the feud between 50 Cent and Cam’ron takes yet another interesting spin. Just a day after 50 Cent revealed that his new album will be titled Curtis, Cam announced on Hot 97 FM that his own album will named Courtesy Curtis.

      “He’s losing the battle and he can’t go to sleep,” Cam told DJ Envy on air. “When he was on Angie Martinez, he said he’s got bags under his eyes. Well, he must got a month and a half of bags under his eyes. It must be drooping down to his knees, because he really lost and he can’t take it.”

      Cam said that he hopes to release his new album in the first week of July.

  • ijuswannarap

    nigga how dumb can you be, you talkin’ about naming your album after another nigga (new name: Dumbset Dumbset) you dumb nigga

  • Jim Jones

    What yall dont understand is dat Killa is a comedian.

  • dreadklove

    Yea he FUNNY aight….

  • weededup

    Cam is a bird nobodys going to buy that shit

  • DaSuspect

    This must be the dumbest nigga in history…. WTF is wrong with this guy???

  • youknowimfly5

    Cam’ron is a whac dumb bitch

  • LordSha

    I think this is a late April fools joke by Cam but with some of his ill advised moves he had made who knows. If he names the album that or not I’m going to get it anyways because he got the city forgetting that ballin shit and hollering Curtissssssssssss! It’s funny how he’s using 50’s formula on this beef shit I guest fif was the doctor and cam the monster who turned on him lol. Although of late Cam needs pay attention and see how these beefs are killing g-units as a company and it’s artistes Courtesy of Curtissss!

  • wutang

    cam isnt real hes a love singer look at his song R&B not rap

    singers dont deef

  • ZIG ZAG aka MP3

    he took it to far but like jim jones said he’s putting it to 50 funnin the dude cuase he didn’t mean what he said but he said it at the wrong time with the wrong groups on koch it’s a rapp battle taken to a whole new level next level cam got a lot to say so made an album i bet no one can fuck with that left a comment so far

  • nakaspongebob


  • zo

    yea he funny,and he caked up by now and dont care,but i think he doin it for sells,seeing how 50sells,and wit 50callin his shit curtis,he’s goin in wit kinda da same title and dey both drop da same month so well c…dipset

  • Will the Thrill

    You should never associate an enemies name on your intellectual work. But, I think that this is a smart idea because he can use the name “Curtis” all he wants because it is unprotected. However if Camrons album sales then he will give Curtis aka 50 free publicity, advertisement, and all 50 has to say is the only reason why his album sold was because of his name and that could definitely tarnish Camron’s image. If this is propaganda then 50 and Cam are both geniuses because they will both benefit from this mascaraed. But in the end 50 will remain victorious.

  • NovaKane

    Cam be on that bullshit. Half the time we allready dont know what the fuck he be rappin bout. He need to sit back and let his own movement move on.

  • NovaKane

    Cam be on that bullshit. We allready dont know what the fuck he be rappin bout half the time. He need to sit the fuck back and let his MOVEMENT MOVE ON


    fuck cam & 50 two gump ass niggaz

  • $Trillville$

    thats was a stupid thang 2 do!! he fuckin wit the wrong one

  • Jim Jones

    What yall dont understand is dat Killa is a comedian.