So last week I pop in to my local Bodega to cop a grape G2 and a dutch.  Luckily my bodega guy understands I am #BoutThatLife and put me onto some behind the counter swag.  The great city of New York made the swaggerless move of banning flavored tabacco products.  So when Dutch Master drops promotional sleeves of green leaf white grape blunts, the bodega guy cannot even sell them at the promotional price of 75 cents a Dutch.  Cue my degenerate a$$ waking in his store.  Just copping these things by the sleeve for numerous reasons.

1) The Dutch price in NYC is getting completly and utterly out of control.  So when I see dutches going for 75 Cents it nearly brings tears of happiness to my eyes.  Cheapest price I can even find anymore is $1.50 but peolple have been telling me bodega owners are hitting liks out in Midtown.  Charging up to $2.25 for one Dutch?  It’s f*cking murder and I WILL NOT stand for it.  It’s bad enough these fake fancy drug dealers are trying to sell 2.5 grams of piff for 50 bucks while calling it Purple Kush.  However that is a whole different story…

2)  These blunts are actually delicious.  It’s all about the green leaf.  We off that white grape flavor swag, but that green leaf brings it all together.  A way lighter smoke.  Noticeably tastier.  Brings the loud out of the pack if you will.  It’s the type of blunt people comment on after smoking it.

3) I’m a sucker for cool packaging.

Sidebar:  I don’t want to even see people talking about swishers or backwoods in the comment section.  Dutch Masters are what’s really good.  That is Blunts 101.  Also good for you if you smoke papers.  I guess we can’t all be weak.

Sidebar 2:  With face tattoo rap being all the rage these days how does no rapper have the Dutch Master pilgrims tattooed on their face?  Rappers…Step it up!


  • ben stone

    im down with dutches but i dnt fucks wit green leaf at all….wine cigarillos is where its at

  • tmef5

    fuck dat wine shit..taste horrible

  • tmef5

    Sam i need tha location of this store if u dont mind

  • Ea

    First of all I completely agree with sidebar 2. I need that in my life but not on my face though(i'm too pretty- Muhammad Ali voice). Second of all Dutches in MD cost like 2.50(feel my pain). Third all those white guys on the dutch wrapping look high as hell(check it out). And finally, there is a rumor going around that blunts with the green wrapper do damage to your heart. I dont wanna scare anybody I just thought that I should mention it. I wanted to see if anyone else heard of this. I also thought a fuck boy blogger like sam might be able to some research on the subject. I can do it myself but I am too busy getting high…

  • Ea

    One last thing…I am 10,000% jealous. Sam gets to do weed related shit like this for a job? Can someone pleeease tell me where I can sign up?

  • beazy954

    I like this post now if you just would've had some coconut ciroc to top it off then you would have been really good # let me know when you taste ciroc for the first time ha.

  • Space De Cashtronaut

    chuuch also this nigga Sam is actually a very good writter…niggas hilarious

  • Ea

    I thought I was the only one who fucks wit sam on this site. I dont know why but everybody hates him. He entertains the shit out of me. Just keepin it real and making me laugh at the same time. Fuck obama! Vote sam for president! Ok…I think I took it too far….

  • Onesel718

    these shits are cheap. the leaf is hella weak