By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Over the weekend, rumors swirled among the hip-hop industry about the death of E-40 either in a car accident or a drive-by shooting. Now E-40’s reps posted a message on E-40’s blog dispelling the rumors.

      “I am writing to dispel any and all of the rumors currently circulating concerning the health and safety of Earl Stevens p/k/a E-40,” the message said. “Mr. Stevens is alive and well in Las Vegas enjoying all-star weekend and has not been the victim of any shooting or accident. Sick Wid It Records, Chaz Hayes, and 40 Water thank all those who have expressed concern and kept 40 in their prayers and urge whoever is responsible for generating these outrageous rumors to contemplate the gravity of their actions and stop immediately.”

      There’s no word on how the rumors started or if 40 was involved in any incident at all. The rapper’s publicist, Tresa Sanders, also released a statement shutting down the rumor.

      “The rumor of E-40 in a car crash is false,” Sanders said in an emailed statement. “This email is being sent to address the numerous inquiries that have come into the offices of Tremedia in regard to E-40. E-40 has not been in a car crash and no harm has come to him in any way. Thanks for your concern.”

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