#Economics By Slim Thug

 |  August 4, 2011


Even though this is kind of a retarded and funny twitter rant, Slim’s points are completley legitimate to me.  So many people in this rap sh*t have a weakness for vanity and it always ends up being their downfall.  Via Slim’s Twitter.

Sidebar: Waka Flocka Disagrees.

Why is being cheap frowned Up on.  Ppl think I’m a selfish money hungry monster cause I am cheap it’s CRAZY not to be cheap and not to stack more then u spend.  I saw alot of ballers come and go tryna impress others by spending money 1 day making it rain 10Gs in the club then next day broke.  I have a hustler mentality that won’t let me pay too much for anything or get out hustled by anybody.  If I can’t drink 1 bottle by myself why would I buy 10? So ppl can see the sparklers go by? So I can get p*ssy from a bopper?  When I buy a car or anything of value it might take a month cause I’m going to look until I feel like I’m winning.  I f*cked them same chicks y’all hit without all that tricking and they told me all about how much u spend on them.  I just dnt understand how spending the most money make u the coolest and if u dnt u broke or selfish.  And do ppl who do all that tricking have enough money to be good for the rest of their life and some put away for their kids?  That’s why alot of us blk ppl can’t get ahead cause we think spending the most is cool and we have kids that are born with nothing.  F*ck tryna look cool live cool and think future cause just cause u getting alot of money now dnt mean it’s like that forever.  I want all my followers to think like a hustler dnt let nobody fuck over u always be the winner or walkaway.  U can still have fun being cheap I do if u spend money have something of the same value or atleast close to it to show for it.  If u buy a car at a winning price u can still sell that car and get alot of your money back.  Instead of making it rain 10gs and leaving DD desert dick grab whatever stripper u like and offer her what u think is fair to hit.  I dnt know too many chicks stripper or not who wouldnt take a couple Gs to hit if that’s what u gnr u coulda saved atleast 9 racks.  Or do n*ggas make it rain cause they like a stripper or just for the attention.  Aint nothing wrong wit f*cking off money and having fun sometimes but dnt be the dumbass who gotta keep doing it cause ppl expect u to.  And I ride with nothing but boss niggas so when we go out we split the tab everybody got they own money #MPR.  The more u stack now the less u gotta work later I never want to have to get a job not even when I’m 50 so Ima keep stacking.