Em unveils the official artwork for his upcoming sequel to The Marshall Mathers LP, slated to arrive on November 5.

In a related story, Marshall’s childhood home (which is pictured on the cover) is currently up for sale in Detroit.

  • Lucifer

    Looks like it’s changed a bit from the first album. You don’t see the awning anymore.

  • Freeze

    I’d love to buy that house, but from what I’ve heard it looks like it needs to be torn down not a repair.

  • ErrieGard

    Berzerk is dope. I think this album will be the best Eminem had ever.

  • sickyo

    When it this due to be out?

  • Wronguns

    November 5. Yes, I can’t wait either!

  • Berzerk

    Best song so far this year. Eminem is the best rapper EVER.

  • Sanchez

    Tell me if it’s just my brother sh*t&ing me and all, but he said Macklemore is gonna be one of the feats in this album?

  • EminemFan

    WOOT! I think that EMINEM is finally back to his best!

  • february

    You think Eminem is gonna buy that house though?