Joe Budden’s ex Esther Baxter is looking good on the cover on King Magazine. But forget about the video vixen’s bikini shot, the best part is the accompanying interview in which she hilariously claims to have had no idea who Budden was when she met him:

You recently moved to Los Angeles to be in the mix of everything, correct?
I am a Californian. My manager has been trying to get me to move out there for about two years now. It was such a big move that I postponed it. But knowing I needed to move here I decided to go ‘head and do it.

Why the hesitation?
Because I’m recently…single and that was pretty much what was holding me back. Now that I’m single, I’ve decided I’m going to focus on me and my career and my child.

Unfortunately, there’s been more focus on your recent public split with rapper Joe Budden. He does have a track record when it comes to being associated with video models. Did you know this going into your relationship?
With me, I had no idea who he was, what he did, or any of his music.

Seriously? You didn’t know about his hit record, “Pump It Up”?
No, I thought Swizz Beatz did that song.

I didn’t know anything about his past. And I judged him by who he was and who he presented himself to me.

Oh Joe Budden…You are forgettable even when under the thirsty gaze of a true Basic B*tch. What’s even funnier is that Somaya Reece – another of Budden’s exes – also claimed that she had no idea who he was before they got together. Spotted at NB.