Eve’s Album Pushed Back to 2008

 |  October 2, 2007

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      All the momentum that Eve’s “Tambourine” and the new single “Give it To Me” is all for naught. According to Billboard, Eve’s new album, “Here I Am,” has been pushed back to 2008. There’s no word on why the album was pushed back but there is speculation that labels heads were not satisfied with the reaction to the first two singles.

      The album was initially set for an October 16 release date and she was planning to hold an album release party at World Café Live on October 18. That party has most likely been postponed but a concert featuring her, Kanye West, Rihanna and Cassidy is still on for October 19 at Philly’s Wachovia Center sponsored by Power 99.

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    Fuck EVE

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    I loved EVE in da day but she chose acting over music, its good to grow dont get me wrong. But it feel like it aint about the love of the music , seems like aint no more acting gigs available and now you wanna fall back on hip hop. P.S. wasnt you with DRE when we never heard of you , hustling backwards MAMA S/N Jakspanna27@aol.com