RUMOR: Detroit rapper Trick Trick was shot and seriously injured early this morning after a shooting in a Detroit night spot left him and another unknown male in hospital. According to Detroit PD an altercation occured at the Esko Lounge in Detroit between New York rapper Jim Jones and a group of men which left Trick Trick born Christian Mathis in a critical condition. It is unclear just what role Trick trick played in the altercation at this time. Members of the rappers team were unavailable for comment.
Trick Trick, a rapper and producer was last year accused of being involved in the theft of Young Berg’s chain which was later worn by the rappers 14 year old daughter in a picture which circulated the internet.

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    MEDIA PLEASE GET FACTS STRAIGHT !!!! TRICK TRICK WAS NOT SHOT IN THIS ALTERCATION TRICK IS FINE!!! jim jones was about to perform until goon sqaud rushed his ass! 3 people got shot but none of them were trick trick!

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/bdoggie313 bdoggie

    Thank you son!!! All over the news and through-out the media. Trick Trick was on the radio station in Detroit and he said personally he was alright. He wasn’t even there when it happen.

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    I’m glad to know that they’re alright! the media’s just exaggerating things in order to get more attention. That’s just how it works.

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    things are getting hectic out here and everyone is thinking about is self … we need to unite as 1 become the movement all our ppl

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    This is according to msnbc news: Detroit police said a well-known rapper, Trick Trick, and another man were shot outside of a Detroit nightclub early Monday morning.

    The two men were shot outside Esko Lounge On Michigan Avenue near Shelby Street around 1:15 a.m., police said.

    Police said the men got into a fight with rapper Jim Jones and shots were fired.

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    jim jones already went on the record to say he was at home the day of the incident. it din’t happen

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    what’s the latest?