If you think Twilight fans go hard then you never met Apple geeks. In cities across America fan boys and tech geeks line up for the new iphone. There are too many customers, and too few of Apple’s shiny new product. The chaos is rising with the summer temperature, and so is the anger.

In New York, the line stretched for at least 3.5 hours at the West 14th Apple Store; the line also looked insanely long in SoHo where one tweeter said it was (or felt like) 100 degrees. In Portland, a reported crowd of 500+ waited for at least 2.5 hours. In San Francisco the 2+ hour morning line had Apple employees considering keeping the store open after hours. Near Seattle the line was two hours.

In some locations, the heat and growing crowds cost people more than mere time. An editor for the tech site Mashable reported getting mugged while waiting to buy the iPhone in Chicago (more here). In Philadelphia, John Gruber, who blogs full time about Apple, said he had a crisis of faith after waiting three hours in the sun and watching “nursing school students… taking temperatures and observing the effects of heat exhaustion.” Water was passed out – hotter than coffee, Gruber tweeted — and after four hours people without reserved iPhones were sent home. ”

The biggest fail of them all is there are already problems cropping up, like messed up displays and apparently bad reception when you hold the phone in your hand, where by “bad” I mean “even worse than before when you could barely ever make any calls.“. Dont believe the hype, keep it cool and stick to Blackberrys.