By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Fantasia Barrino surprised fans when she confessed that she didn’t know how to read and memorized lyrics by listening to them over and over again instead of reading them. Now she’s trying to make sure kids don’t go through their lives wondering what those squiggly lines are in books. She’s teamed up with Suave and Dollar General to give away a $10,000 scholarship and a trip to New York to meet her in the Suave Essay Contest.

      "I am thrilled to partner with Suave and Dollar General on a program that delivers such a vital message about literacy and education," said Fantasia. "Having struggled with literacy, I know the importance of reading skills and how important a good education is. I encourage all students to think about bettering their literacy skills to realize their dreams."

      Beginning next week, students age 5 or older are asked to submit an essay about how a role model helped them improve their life through education. You can start submitting entries on June 18 through the website, SUAVE ESSAY CONTEST  One winner will get $10,000 and three runners-up will get $5,000 each towards college. All four winners will get to see Fantasia perform in the Color Purple in New York. You have until July 20 so get busy!

  • A_time_4_everything

    Thats what’s up! That’s what alot of these celebrities should be doing(granted it’s their money). They rather have their names on the news talking about another DUI or who adopted another african child. They have millions upon millions, why not invest in children of the future. They(celebrities) aren’t going to do anything but waste it anyway. DO SOMETHING POSITIVE LIKE FANTASIA OR OPRAH FOR A CHANGE!!!!