Fashion Faux Pas

 |  November 14, 2006

Well I just can’t sit back and not comment on the styles which graced the red carpet at this past weekends first BET Hip-Hop awards show. I know you are probably wondering why I held off on commenting until now, well there was a reason…I was hoping that through all the celeb snaps of Sundays red carpet I might find one that made me think Remy Ma really looked cute in her overalls, but alas, I didn’t. So I am afraid I have to give Remy the Too Late award…too late for Halloween Ma. Runner up award goes to Da Brat who looked like she had literally just stepped out of the 80’s and not in a cool way either. Come on girls get your dress up on when you know cameras are going to be a snapping.
Big shout out to Hov though..looking very dapper as he received The Hip-Hop Hustler Award. And what is the deal with the names of these awards anyway on another note, is this BET trying to add a street twist to their image? Hustler, Rookie and MVP…sounds a lil like a rival channel to me.