By: Rizoh

      Fat Joe has announced plans to release his eighth album in early 2008. Joey Crack’s new CD, The Elephant in the Room, will be issued on Imperial Records. Producers on board for the project include usual suspects DJ Khaled (aka Beat Novocaine), Scott Storch, Cool and Dre, and the Runners


      Joe’s last album, Me, Myself, & I, only sold a measly 207,000 units, but it spawned a hit single and platinum-certified ringtone in “Make it Rain.”

  • Carlito Bragonti33

    It only sold 207000 but it was idependent homie. Joe made off like a bandit

  • Mr_Gain_Green

    dont take up for dis fat fuck, face it cuz weak as hell

  • DATboi302

    mr. gain green ur a hater cuz if fat joe woke up wit ur money he’d probley kill himself on sum real

  • mississippian

    Look at his picture.
    Iz that nigga singing?LMAO